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Wrinkle injection face lift

Wrinkle injection face lift

Skin ages for different reasons:

Cells have a limited ability to regenerate, while a reduction in the subcutaneous fatty tissue also plays an important role. Collagen fibres in the skin lose quality and degrade with increasing age. This results in slacker connective tissue and a loss of elasticity. Old skin appears dry, scaly, wrinkly and non-elastic.

Areas of the skin that are exposed to light, such as face, neck, cleavage and the back of the hands, display irregular skin colour and texture, which consist of rough pores, pigmented moles and expanded small blood vessels ( telangiectasia, spider veins in the face). In particular, the loss of elasticity causes wrinkles to develop in areas affected by the mimic musculature (laugh lines, crows' feet, frown lines, wrinkles caused by worry and anger, wrinkles around the lips). As well as biological aging, the skin can be affected by wounds to the face with subsequent scarring, sun damage or acne scars.

The patient's individual requirements are determined during a consultation. The effects and side effects of the treatment options suitable for the patient's diagnosis and skin type are explained in detail and then tailored to the patient's individual requirements.

There is no one single face lift; instead, there are numerous different procedures that have different effects. We will find the most suitable method for every patient, and may even combine it with other procedures.

Wrinkle injection face lift

Possible techniques include:

  • The patient's own body fat ("autologous fatty tissue"): Obtained through liposuction under local anaesthetic. Advantages: no allergies, relatively durable. Drawbacks: laborious removal procedure, operation required, relatively difficult to inject
  • Polylactic acid (New-Fill®): Fully synthesised substance that is also found in the body. Advantages: no allergies so far, good durability (approx. 1 year), no possibility of contamination with animal or bacterial proteins because obtained synthetically. Particularly suitable for nasiolabial folds (see below), mouth area wrinkles and to build up the cheeks. Drawbacks: two injections are required (after 1 - 2 months) for the full effect.
  • Hyaluronan products (Restylane®, Hylaform®): Biological substance that is also found in the body. Advantages: few allergies, very soft material, good for superficial wrinkles. Drawbacks: relatively short durability (2-4 months)
  • Collagen (Zyderm®): Substance obtained from bovine collagen. Advantages: very suitable for injection, soft, suitable for superficial wrinkles. Drawbacks: requires pre-testing because allergies are fairly frequent. Free from BSE, but the discussion has not yet been concluded.

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