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Leg ulcers - ulcus cruris venosum

Patients who have been suffering from serious chronic venous insufficiency for a long time often have nutrition deficiencies in their skin. Symptoms range from dry skin, red patches and itchiness on the lower legs to dark brown pigmentation, weeping eczemas, hypodermitis and ulcers.

Once it has been determined that an ulcer is venous, it is almost always possible to heal it as long as cause and effect are observed and not confused. This is a disease of the circulation rather than the skin. This means that local treatment of the wound will very rarely work but is nevertheless extremely important. Healing is only possible if a decisive improvement is achieved in the dynamics of the circulation by means of compressing and decongestive measures. Ulcers are therefore only resistant to therapy if other complications are added, such as arterial circulatory disorders, diabetes mellitus etc.

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Dr. med. Uli Taucher
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