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FAQ on treatment with the 810nm varicosity laser system

How does the treatment work?

The energy of the laser has a thermal effect on the vein wall. The faulty vein is shrunken and closed. This interrupts the blood flow through the treated vein.

Does the loss of this vein have a negative effect?

No, the function of the closed vein is taken over by healthy veins. The blood is diverted to other veins after the treatment.

What are the possible complications of this procedure?

Clinical studies report only very minor complications. When insufficient veins (varicose veins) are treated with the 810 nm varicosity laser system, the patient may feel a slight drawing pain along the treated vein. In some cases, patients experience a local numbness that vanishes within a very short time.

Does the laser pose a danger to me?

No, during treatment you will wear laser protection goggles to protect your eyes. This is only a precaution against laser beams triggered incorrectly outside the vein being treated.

How great is the medical success of treatment with the 810 nm varicosity laser system?

Success rates are just as high as for the conventional surgical methods that have been accepted as the "gold standard" in treatment. Many years of extremely positive clinical experiences with the 810 nm varicosity laser system have shown that most varicose veins can be treated successfully. In some cases, a combination with another form of treatment may be beneficial.

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