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The VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System is a unique minimally invasive treatment that uses a medical adhesive to safely and effectively treat varicose veins. Unlike other treatments, VenaSeal™ does not require tumescent anesthesia or sedatives, allowing patients to return to their normal activities immediately following the treatment. The VenaSeal™ procedure also eliminates the risk of burning or nerve injury associated with thermal based procedures and generally does not require any post-treatment pain medication or uncomfortable compression stockings.

A physician uses ultrasound to position a tiny catheter into the diseased area of the vein through a small puncture site in the skin. Next, the VenaSeal™ dispenser delivers a small amount of medical adhesive to seal the vein. Once the diseased vein is sealed, blood is re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg.

The  VenaSeal™ Adhesive that is used during the procedure is made with a  
proprietary formula of Cyanoacrylate, which has a proven track record with over 50 years of use in the field of medicine. The VenaSeal™ system uses a unique formulation of the compound that is specifically designed for the treatment of varicose veins.

VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System is the only procedure to use a medical adhesive to seal the vein, which eliminates the need for tumescent anesthesia and pre-procedure sedatives. Unlike other varicose vein treatments, there is virtually no time away from work and little to no discomfort.

After the procedure, a small bandage will be placed at the access site. You are able to return to your normal activities immediately following the treatment and there are no special precautions you need to take.

Results vary by degree and extent of your disease; however immediate relief of the uncomfortable symptoms and visible varicose veins are routinely reported by patients receiving treatment. Ask your physician for a full explanation of the benefits and possible complications of the VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System.

"I was treated with thermal ablation two years ago and I can confidently say that the Sapheon procedure was much more convenient. The procedure time was less and I had nearly no pain during the procedure. The Sapheon procedure was comfortable and it was nice that I did not have to wear compression stockings after the treatment. I could move immediately without any pain and had no reduction of activities or any scars." Kerstin Deuring

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