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General information


If your doctor has detected a vein disease, you can arrange an appointment by calling

+49 (0) 89 / 29 97 44

Dr. Taucher will advise you carefully on your problem, discuss the applicable treatment steps with you and then set up a therapy schedule with your help.

This website can only outline the general principles of treatment. Dr. Taucher will decide personally what treatment is suitable for each patient. Information on the individual chances of success and any possible risks will be provided during the examination.

Dr. med. Uli Taucher

Private Practice for Phlebology

81669 München

Tel.: 089/29 97 44
Fax: 089/48 00 22 11



Please make your appointment at:
089 / 29 97 44

Dr. med. Uli Taucher
Dr. med. Uli Taucher