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Revolution in the treatment of varicose veins?

Colour duplex directed foam sclerotherapy/endovenous laser therapy on trunk varicose veins via a vein catheter - a gentle alternative to an operation.

A minor revolution!

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Until a few years ago, the unchallenged view was that major trunk varicose veins could only be removed permanently through surgery, by making an incision in the groin and/or the back of the knee and then stripping them. However, nearly all branches of medicine are working to develop gentler and minimally invasive treatment methods.

Duplex-controlled foam sclerotherapy/endovenous laser therapy is an impressively precise, simple and effective non-surgical addition to the technologically elaborate methods of laser and radio wave treatment.

The trunk vein is punctured at knee height using the same method as is used to take a blood test or give an infusion. The doctor is then able to use this access point to insert an angiography catheter (a thin hose) and slide it to the exact target area in the groin or back of the knee; a screen makes this process visible.

The decisive factor is that the sclerotherapy solution is inserted via the catheter not in liquid form, but turned into foam with sterile air. Unlike liquid, the micro-foam does not mix with the blood, but instead displaces it almost completely. This means that one dose is often enough to treat an entire leg with a single injection in a pain-free and outpatient fashion.

The same method can be used to position a thin laser fibre and thermally close the varicose vein step by step.
A few minutes after the treatment, the patient can leave the practice on foot with a compression hose and is able to resume all normal activities and work by the next day. It is possible to apply both procedures at the same time on different sections.

All available results are at least as good as those of traditional operations. After our examination we will be able to decide whether any of our innovative treatments are suitable for you.
Since the beginning of 2004 we have been in the pleasant position of being able to offer our patients these innovative procedures.

Have we stirred your interest? We will be delighted to answer your questions.

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Dr. med. Uli Taucher
Dr. med. Uli Taucher